52 Lists Project//Week One//Words that Touch Your Soul

Last week I stumbled across the 52 Lists Project on Moorea Seal's blog and as a lover of lists, I instantly new I had to participate! Not only will this little project help me share more of my little life with you all, it will encourage me to post more often and more consistently (a goal for 2014!). I also hope that some of you will participate and share your lists along the way - think of this as a 52-week tag! You can just head to Moorea's blog which will update the new list every Tuesday. This is week number one (I think...I could already be a week behind, but oh well!), and this week's list are the words that touch your soul. 52 Lists These will be very simple posts (at least on my part) and I probably won't provide too much more detail beyond the list. But I hope the lists are fun, informative, provide moments of reflection and perhaps make you smile every now and again. And if you are participating in the project, post a link to your lists in the comments section! I would love to see them! Meghan xo
Posted on January 9, 2014
Posted by Meghan

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