An Afternoon at Hildene…

So, something The Mister and I like to do during warmer months (when travel in VT is a bit easier), is visit some of the many historical treasures scattered around the northeast. As so much of America's history and beginnings have their foundations in this area, there is a plethora of historic homes and lands to visit and learn from. hildene Our most recent visit was to Hildene, which was the Lincoln family home in southern Vermont. Yeah, we had no idea they settled in the area either. President Lincoln's son, Robert Todd Lincoln, built this beautiful home in the early 20th century for his family while he became Chairman of the Pullman Company. When one pulls up one cannot help but be impressed by what seems like a grand old home and its beautifully landscaped grounds which fall off to offer spectacular views of the valley below. hildene 4 hildene meggers As you walk up to the front of the house you see a brick outline illustrating the size of the Kentucky house in which Abraham Lincoln grew up - a reminder of the family's humble beginnings. hildene 3 Hildene sign Yet, when one walks inside, it is clear that this was indeed a family home which is impressive and lovely, but not ridiculously grand (not that there's anything wrong with that, either) where they enjoyed country life at its best. You can tell this home was loved and enjoyed by the family who built it. Hildene dinning room hildene kitchen 2 hildene pantry hildene pantry 2 hildene bedroom After perusing the interior, we headed out back to enjoy the lovingly landscaped gardens. hildene gardens 7 hildene gardens 5 hildene flowers hildene gardens hildene observatory 2 hildene observatory 3 It was a great afternoon, exploring a bit of Vermont and American history. No matter where you live, get out there and take in some of your area's hidden historic gems!
Posted on April 18, 2015
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