Getting my Great British Bake Off on…

What inspires me to reboot the blog?  Pastry.  And lard.  And pork.  Can you handle it?   It is autumn here in New England - well, it's trying to be autumn - in truth, it feels like the summery July and August months arrived to the party late and are posing as September and October.  Or vice versa. You choose. Which for this summer-loving girl is the best. I adore summer and having all that warm sun on my skin. That said, one of the most fantastic parts of fall which gets me excited every year is the natural shift to more rustic, deeper tasting, comforting foods.  And as I was looking for a great vehicle to kick off my blog (once again - third time's the charm!), what better way to do than with savory pork pies? Am I right? My friend Dana (a fellow GBBO-addict - I may have it on in the background as I write this...seriously) kindly alerted me to the existence of a beyond-fabulous baking school here in the Upper Valley.  Sugar Glider Kitchen.  Located  in the heart Vermont, it provides hands-on baking instruction which will meet and exceed all of your baking in the British countryside dreams.  Move over Mary and Paul. Dana emailed me one day about a particular class that highlighted a hot-water pastry that celebrates lard.  Yes.  You read that correctly.  Lard.  The porky-delicious renderings that bring love and yumminess to all things baked.  I promptly emailed Dana back with: "LARD.  OMG.  YES."  I want to go hog wild.  (sorry). Our guide through everything pastry is Gesine.  With genuine joy and fun, she shared her love of baking and guided us through making a hot water pastry (I KNOW!!!  I totally did that!!!) made with lard, the totally scrummy pork filling which is laced and layered with salty goodness for flavor impact, and the pièce de resistance - the red onion chutney.  Are you salivating yet?  I am. And all the while, Gesine is there, gently guiding you through the process.  In addition to teaching us about hot-water pastry, she also did a crème pat (for a separate and awesome dessert recipe), and hand pies (the latter of which used the leftover filling from the pork pies). She taught not only the technique but also a bit of the science behind why certain ingredients react in certain ways with others.  There is delightful music playing in the background.  And you are making new friends in your fellow bakers.  And if that isn't just the cat's meow, after tasting the demonstration batch of goodness that Desine whips up, you get to go home with your own creations! If you live in the area and like baking or cooking, you must check out Sugar Glider Kitchen.  We had so much fun and my only problem now is deciding which class to do next.  You can find a schedule on their website - check it out! Get out there and enjoy your local gems, people - where ever you are in the world.  Stay fancy my friends.  xo, Meghan Save Save Save Save Save Save Save
Posted on October 16, 2017
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  1. II have to say.I am over the extended summer, there is no fall anymore. Paris was so nice as it was actually fall there. And wow baking classes, this sounds amazing, can’t wait to start baking and making soup!

    Allie of

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