Making Me Smile//2

It has been a while since I wrote my first (in what I cheekily had hoped would be a weekly series...okay, it might be quarterly....alright...honestly, it might be a biannual event) post on things that made me smile in recent days. As I have been an absentee blogger, I want to make it up to you all and here is my peace offering. I guarantee one of these little nuggets of loveliness, awesomeness, and hilarity will make you feel good. Christopher Walken Dancing. Really dancing. We've all seen him bustin' a move for a minute or two, in various movies. But someone who - like me - loves all-things-Walken compiled many of his best moves and set this sublime montage to a great beat. You're welcome (and thank you HuffPost for sharing this magical little number with the world). Karl Lagerfeld Emojis. I have been trying to resist the lure of the iPhone but this might just put me over the edge. I feel my will breaking as I write this post! Karl Lagerfeld Emojis I will admit that I am totally geeking out over this one. Tolkien's translation of BEOWULF will finally be published. I can't wait to see what a master of language and myth has done with this masterpiece. Tolkien Bon Appétit's list of '26 Cookbooks that are Totally Wacky but Kinda Useful.' They are all hilarious and sometimes just downright weird. I won't comment on No. 24. star-trek-cookbook Breeze and Buttons. I am sure many of you have already seen the following story on the little orphaned pony who has taken to finding motherly comfort in a giant stuffed teddy bear. It makes me smile from the inside out and I just have to share. Foal_01_1739287a Have a great week, friends! Meghan xo
Posted on March 19, 2014
Posted by Meghan

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