Making Me Smile//3

It's the end of the work-week and for that I am really excited and grateful! And to celebrate, I think it is a good opportunity to revisit my "Making Me Smile" series…okay, it wasn't a series. I had hoped it would be a series. I think I did two others so we're calling this no. 3. Nonetheless, here are a few things that made me smile over the past few days and other bits to which I am looking forward.

Seeing (hopefully) the Northern Lights this evening! I have never seen them in person and tonight might be my golden opportunity! Check out the map below to see if you might be living in an area where they will be visible.

northern lights map

This short but very funny piece from Time Out New York chronicling what it might be like if Anna Wintour actually chilled in Brooklyn. To be fair, she is a big advocate of the area – that said it is amusing to see her iconic image set against the Bushwick panorama. Tee hee.

wintour in brooklynPhoto from Time Out New York
This wonderful montage of superheroes Hello-Kitty-fied…God bless Photoshop. And, you're welcome.

Although I am sad to see summer come to an end, I do enjoy the visual variety that comes with changing seasons, including the skies over our little area in VT.

vermont fall skies

A brief glimpse into SJP and Matthew Broderick's house…it is every bit as gorgeous and fabulous as I would have expected. I am not sure which I covet more...the closet or the bathtub...

5499b5f99d841_-_hbz-sjp-house-05Photo by Evan Joseph for Harper's Bazaar.

College friends will be visiting this weekend and I cannot wait! There will be food, there will be drink, and there will be a Cards Against Humanity rematch. And if you think such a weekend can't get better, we will wrap it up with the VT Mac & Cheese Challenge on Sunday.

vt mac n cheese challenge

Okay folks, have a wonderful weekend and I hope there are lots of things making you smile!

Meghan xo
Posted on September 12, 2014
Posted by Meghan

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