My Manageable List of Resolutions…

I will be honest - despite my love for list-making, I generally do not set resolutions at the start of each year. I like to reflect, think about how I want to better my life and in so-doing, hopefully add something positive not only to my life but also to the world around me. But, in all honesty, I don't sit down and make a list each year as I feel like I am setting myself up for failure. No one expects you to achieve your New Year's, why bother trying?

new yorker

This year will be different.

The one goal I set for myself last year (outside of my professional projects), I achieved! I started a blog, and I am still blogging. Slowly and randomly, but I am blogging. And no one is more surprised than me! And again, I am so incredibly grateful to all of you who follow my blog, who comment, and who send words of encouragement. Thank you!

So, since I did so well with one goal last year, I have added just a few items to my list for this year. I have selected a few, very manageable tasks which I will enjoy (for the most part) and can easily do (again, for the most part).

1. Bake a soufflé...specifically, Ina Garten's Blue Cheese Soufflé. inas souffle

It is one of those meals I always want to make but then I allow the intimidation factor to win-out. I have the hope of removing a lovely, fluffy soufflé from the oven, but always fear that I will have an Oswin Oswald soufflé on my hands (if you don't watch Dr. Who, please feel free to ignore the reference).

souffle girl

2. Reading List

This year's list is somewhat comprised of titles that were on my 2013 To-Read list; I just did not read as much last year as I normally do. I have higher hopes for this year!

DSCN2282 DSCN2283

And although they have not yet been purchased and are not in the picture above, the following are also on my 2014 Reading List.

bernadette gone girl mulala travels with charley

3. Skincare!

This is a silly goal, but one of my aims for this year is washing my makeup off every evening and applying my nighttime moisturizers so they don't sit collecting dust. My only excuse for not doing this very simple task every evening is sheer laziness but no more! I am going to march myself to the washroom and remove my makeup like a big girl. I certainly don't forget to do this on a daily basis but I let it slide often enough that I am surprised I don't have a face filled with deep rivets, wrinkles and acne. And if you are wondering what I use for my (now daily) nighttime regimen, here they are!

olay -!Shiseido White Lucent Brightening Eye Treatment 15Ml 0 54Oz--939283894

4. Learning.

Before you think that I live like a complete sloth, onto my next goal. Take an online course! I learning and taking classes. Sometimes with a goal in mind (e.g., degree) and sometimes not (e.g., just for fun!). If I could, I would be a permanent student. In my previous life (pre-rural living), I worked in a big city at a fairly large university and could take any class I wanted as an employee benefit. And I did.

It. Was. Awesome.

Since moving, I have just let that part of me slip away and for no good reason. And I miss that part of me. So, without any goal in mind, I am going to sign up for at least one or two courses this year to reignite that love of knowledge. Right now, I think I may re-visit Latin, French, or Art History, all of which I studied for quite some time, many, many, many years ago. I really can't wait!

5. Buy a New Camera and Take a Photography Class.

As I have blogged over the past year, I realize that I need both. If any of my fellow bloggers have any camera recommendations, I would love to hear 'em! Any suggestions????

6. Get Back into Running.

Well, I am rather slow, so jogging is a better way to describe my 'running.' I used to run marathons (again, jog at the back of the pack…some might even describe it as exceptionally fast walking), and although I am not really sure that I have another 26.2 in me, I am going to start small and try to get in a 10K this year…not too big and not too small. I might even try to rope in a friend to this goal…and if she is reading this, she'll know I am talking about her!

Picture 13

7. Blog more!

Now that I have been at this for a year, my goal for 2014 is to post at least three times a month. No matter how silly or trivial I think the post may be. I also want to try my hand at designing my own page, rather than using a template provided (thankfully!) by Blogger. Again, any suggestions are welcome!

Okay friends, I hope you are having a great start to the year and have lots of fun and exciting things planned for yourselves!

Meghan xo

Posted on January 2, 2010
Posted by Meghan

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