Reflections and Inspiration for the New Year

My, it has been a year, hasn't it?  And I haven't written anything for a couple of years!  But here I am, giving my little blog another go.  Before going much further, I might as well let you know what I have been doing since I certainly wasn't writing.  Since last we met, I did a Mud Run (Dirty Girl-style) and and a sprint triathlon (not quite overcoming my fear of swimming in open water, but I did it!).   I played bocce at lunch.  I made lots of good food and ate enticing dishes made by others.  I wore cute shoes and carved pumpkins with friends.  I voted (and hope you did too).  I took in amazing art.  The Mister and I went to a Halloween party for the first time in many years and it was awesome!  I learned how to play poker since the last time we chatted.  I swam.  A lot.  I had fun with friends. The Mister and I saved a baby purple finch.  And I made a point of savoring and being more present each day. See that look on my face, there?  It is saying "Why did I think this would be a good idea....I really hope there are no dead bodies in the water, getting ready to float to the top as I swim by..." Most excitingly, The Mister and I moved into some gorgeous (new to us) colonial digs across the state border (yes, we are no longer Vermont residents) mid-summer.  It was bittersweet saying farewell to The 1839 House but we are completely in love with our new home and neighborhood.  Living where we do, actual neighborhoods are hard to come by and it is so nice to once again be living in one.  We christened our new home with birthdays, Thanksgiving, and the Christmas holidays.  And again, more swimming.  Life is good.  Really good. As it is a new year, the instinct to post lots of goals.  And, like a post from years ago, I am going to keep it simple.   Manageable.  Doable.  Another Mud Run and triathlon are on my agenda.  And reading more is still at the top of the list.  Mostly due to an addiction to used book sales from which The Mister and I both suffer, there is never a lack of reading material in the house.  But instead of picking a list to read for the year ahead, my goal will be to read for at least an hour every day.  I used to read voraciously.  I mean all. the. time.  Much like Rory Gilmore, my sixth grade teacher called in my mom for a parent-teacher meeting to suggest I should read less and socialize more.  I never understood that.  If you are like me and are challenging yourself to read more, you might want to try out one of these lists provided by the New York Public Library - there is something for everyone!  And reading really is the best, isn't it? Words to live by, no? Another great resolution list is courtesy of POPSUGAR - The How to Feel Strong Challenge.  I was so inspired and moved and motivated when I read this list.  Instead of only focusing on the physical aspect of fitness, it also hits on how to strengthen our inner-selves by providing ideas on how to incorporate important habits like mindfulness and gratitude and giving into our lives.   That said, I need to pick a new workout to do daily for the month of January!  Like the challenge mentions, it has to be something I have never done...the problem is, I have done or tried just about you have any ideas for me?  Let me know because I am stumped.   And let me know if you take the challenge, too!  I would love to hear how you are doing with it!   My last 'goal' for the new year is a gratitude/good things jar.  Simple to do and what a great way to look back and be reminded of all the good in our lives, which can be easy to forget and lose sight of. Okay, that is it for now and thank you for stopping by!  I hope you are celebrating the New Year in style and good health.   And I would be amazed (yet utterly delighted) to learn if any of my early followers are still with me (so if you are, let me know!!!).  I am sorry I couldn't take all your original comments with me when the blog went through a redesign, but if you are here, chime in - I would love to hear what you are up to.  In any event, I was waiting for the 'right moment' to come back and write.  I was also waiting for some sort of inspiration from the blogging gods and goddesses, hoping they would give me direction and focus.  But you know what?  I still don't know what this blog is going to be about.  It will still be random.  The photos won't be professional, glossy shots.  But it will be my outlet so I hope some of you will join me!  See you soon.  xo, m. Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save
Posted on January 1, 2017
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