Summer Necessities…

My list of necessities for a wonderful, sunny summer (sunshine provided - hopefully! - by Mother Nature)! A must have for any summer is a well-stocked beach bag: summer 2 Whether you are naturally blessed to have tan-friendly skin or not (I would be the latter), sunscreen is a must! My go-to is always Coppertone Sport SPF 30 (make sure that whatever sunscreen you use is broad spectrum, otherwise it won't be as effective as you need it to be). I also use a zinc stick on my nose and lips. In addition, a good easy read must be included in your beach bag, along with a floppy hat and something to whet your whistle. And for me, I always have a bottle of swimmer's ear drops handy as I do like to actually swim (to balance out the lounging around in the sun) and always end up with water in my ears. At the end of a day in the sun, I treat my skin to a slathering of Lily of the Valley Aloe Vera Jelly - it keeps my skin moisturized and soft despite sun, sand and/or chlorine. As I do not tan, (the most I could ever hope for is heavy freckling that, from a distance, looks vaguely like a tan), I rely on the fake stuff. And as someone who has tried EVERY kind of self-tanner, my holy grail product is courtesy of Lorac. selfTANtalizerANDMitt-medium Don't bother with the mitt with which it comes - throw it away and invest in a box of disposable latex gloves. You will have a deep, gorgeous glow in no time! If you are going to hang out in the sun, you have to have a great bathing suit and a cute cover-up - here are some of my favorites: 2153517-p-MULTIVIEW 2275054-p-MULTIVIEW 2220567-p-MULTIVIEW 2196005-p-MULTIVIEW 1784851-p-MULTIVIEW 2156692-p-MULTIVIEW And anyone who knows me, knows I love my over-sized sunnies! I like to have fun with my beach/poolside eyewear - the bigger and more colorful, the better! Happy Summer, everyone! xoxo, M
Posted on June 30, 2013
Posted by Meghan

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