Summertime snaps…

Okay, friends. Summertime is coming to an end - sad, but true. And there is nothing like summertime in the northeast. It is my favorite time of the year... and so, with very little commentary, here are some of my favorite summer scenes.... An early morning balloon ride. One of our neighbors down the road offers up rides for a wonderfully unique view of the Vermont countryside. I have not been brave enough to take such a ride but perhaps some day... hot air balloon Baby lambs!!!! I realize that is a redundant statement but I do not care. So adorable! DSCN0965 Pool time. Although this summer was not the sunniest or driest of summers, I enjoy every minute I can squeeze out of my gym's outdoor pool. It might an hour here, an hour there...but it makes summer life good. pool beach bag A summertime storm moving in above the hills behind our house and backyard... DSCN1193 DSCN1196 ...which, during summer months, can lead to a power outage. I always feel like such an experience is a little magical. All one needs are lots of candles, matches, a few gallons of extra water (when we lose power, we lose water...and I mean all - read: washroom facilities), a battery-operated radio (to keep on top of what might be happening), and a sense of adventure. And some boardgames...Trivial Pursuit is my particular favorite! DSCN1284 DSCN1286 Next summertime favorite: the local farm stands. For me, there is nothing like fresh peas, onions, tomatoes, corn, beans... I could go on and on and on... DSCN1369 DSCN1368 DSCN1375 DSCN1373 onions peas

A July 4th spent with Didi, the Wonder Poodle.


My birthday (this year, spent with mom, The Mister, and friends over the course of a week or so)!

birthday ccake

And, favorite flower.


Happy end-of-summer everyone, and best wishes for a wonderful autumn!

xo, M.

Posted on August 28, 2013
Posted by Meghan

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