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Recently, a colleague commented on one of my winter hats. It is a big, bright, happy pink trapper hat with cute satin ties. You should know I love a good hat. And during the long New England winters, when one is covered in heavy wools and dark colors, a great hat lifts my spirits. And so, I have what some might call a ridiculous amount of hats to help put the pop in my winter wear. Now, back to my colleague.

She mentioned that she would love to find a cute winter hat but did not think she could find one that would suit her. As I am only too happy to shop and love to shop for others, I gave some thought to what would be the best jaunty topper to help her get through these cold months.

Luckily, this gal has incredible bone structure - very delicate but also well-defined. Think: Victoria Beckham, Angelina Jolie, or SJP.

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And after looking at many a good photo of these stylish gals online, it was easy to see that a classic cloche might just be the hat my co-worker is looking for! My colleague also favors longer lines with regard to her clothing with which a cloche would pair perfectly. I did some scouting around and here are my favorites:

Now, one word of warning. When shopping for an item of clothing that is vintage-inspired, I think it important to stay away from too many bells and my humble opinion, it can make you look like you are dressed up in costume, rather than giving a subtle tip of one's hat to a certain era (see what I did there???). Sorry. :o) Okay folks, I hope this provided a fun bit of shopping inspiration if you are looking for something to help top off your winter look! Meghan xo
Posted on February 12, 2014
Posted by Meghan

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