Weekend Wrap Up

What a lovely weekend it has been! Although we are approaching the second week of September, Mother Nature is gifting us here in the northeast with sunny skies and 70+degree temperatures…perfection. It would have been a great day for autumnal activities like apple-picking and pie-baking, but instead I spent the afternoon at the pool, splashing about and reading in the sun.

And, although not my primary goal, going to the pool was also a great way to not be home for football. Interestingly, The Mister (who is Canadian) loves football and says it is very un-American of me to not adore it. Truth be told I have made an effort to learn a bit about the game so that I can sort-of understand what is going on when I do watch a game...for example, I know what 'moving the chains' and 'calling an audible' mean. But really, I think that if football involved people wearing sequins and using jazz-hands, I would be more interested. This sums up how I feel about football season.

me not caring who wins football

But, although we are a divided household when it comes to football (and showtunes), The Mister and I did agree that it would be a fun idea to re-watch every episode of Twin Peaks. We are just wrapping up season one and I had forgotten how much I absolutely loved that show! So surreal, so dark yet quirky, and such a great David Lynch-look at the dark underbelly of small town life. And the fashion-lover in me thinks the styling is just brilliant – it's like the 90's grunge phase and the conservative 50's looks had a love-child and left it in Twin Peaks.

audrey horne 2 Lara-Flynn-Boyle-In-Twin--001 shelley bobby and leo audrey at one eyed jacks

It almost has me excited for the change-over to my fall and winter wardrobe with its darker colors, big cozy sweaters and wool pencil skirts. But until then, I am going to enjoy this week's nice weather and be outside in it as much as possible.

Here's hoping it's sunny where you are!

Meghan xo
Posted on September 7, 2014
Posted by Meghan

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